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Electronic Control Unit

WINGMATE’s universal controller offers 10 analog inputs, 14 digital inputs, 2 speed inputs, 16 MOSFET outputs, CAN communication and two RS232 ports.

WINGMATE Control Unit


The CAN communication supports both 29 bit and 11 bit protocols.

Two RS232 ports can provide communication with an engine, WINGMATE’s CAN Data Logger, a touch display and a wireless modem.The primary RS232 port of the Control Unit is designated for interfacing with a colour touch display. The second RS232 port can be used to connect to a wireless modem and supports fault reporting to a service engineer via either SMS text messaging or M2M remote monitoring. This functionality can be implemented fully to customer specifications.

When the engine supports the J1939 CAN protocol, the Contol Unit reads all engine data (speed, pressures, temperatures) and fault codes and can consequently control the engine speed.

The Control Unit makes all engine data, all I/O values and its own diagnostic data available on the CAN bus for the CAN Data Logger.


    • – Engine start strategy with fault detection. Optional redundancy for safety critical applications can include:
      • – Engine speed from CAN bus and independent speed sensor
      • – Secondary start relay
      • – Switching to an alternate input or output if a fault is detected
    • – Engine control over CAN
    • – An engine speed limiter, mapping the engine speed limit against for instance coolant temperature
    • – User definable engine warmup and cooldown cycles
    • – An engine test cycle, especially useful when the state-of-health of the engine has to be checked at set intervals
    • – Control of the engine by the J1939 protocol with the Torque Speed Control 1 (TSC1) command is a standard feature
  • – Remote starting can be implemented by activating the engine start strategy in several ways:
    • – Pressing a hardwired switch connected to an ECU input
    • – Configuring an Engine Start touch button on the display
    • – Using a command in the assigned CAN message
    • – Sending an SMS message
  • – Diagnostics
    • – Internal ECU diagnostics on all I/O
    • – J1939 support featuring fault filtering according to user preferences
    • – Engine stop or cooldown strategies can be implemented depending on the severity of the occurred engine fault
    • – Fault reporting via SMS messaging or remote M2M monitoring
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