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Controller Design

Control Unit, Software and Strategies

We offer the entire controller design proces; from specification of the inputs and outputs, selection of the required chipset and PCB design, to design of software and control strategies on customer specification.
For the the Dutch company Citadel Industries WINGMATE has developed the CCU. This universal electronic controller resulted in a powerful and versatile ECU, used in a variety of applications throughout the company.

Simulation and Modelling

We are fluent in Matlab and Simulink and offer advanced fuel economy analysis for different powertrain configurations. Nowadays it is common to carry out simulation studies at the start of a project as part of a feasibility study. For example, before starting a hybrid development project, drive cycle simulations are carried out to predict the fuel economy advantages. These advantages are then split up into contribution areas of the different components. The main development efforts can then be focused on key component areas.

Control Strategy Design

Our library of control strategies can be used in our own controller or implemented in a customer controller.
Some examples of the strategies we have developed:

  • – Engine Management Strategies: fuelling, ignition, idle speed control, boost control.
  • – Hybrid Control Strategies: stop/start functionality with engine idle switch-off.
  • – Chassis Control Strategies: traction control, gearshift control.


Model Based Code Generation

Commercially available automatic code generation packages will only generate code for a limited number of compatible microprocessors. We can deliver ‘C’ source code from your Simulink models. You can use this code as a ‘black box’ in Simulink, replacing the original model to check the functionality. The same source code can then be compiled for the target microprocessor in the control unit.

We can also provide hand coding when this is desirable, for example in applications where limited microprocessor memory space is available or in applications with safety critical areas.

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