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Alternative Fuels

Due to ever increasing fuel prices, LPG has gained a lot of popularity as a fuel in road cars in Australia. This was of course helped by the generous government rebates for each system.
We have been at the start of LPi development at Vialle in the Netherlands and know all the ins and outs and typical properties of LPG.

For LPG the following basic systems are currently on the market:

  • – Evaporator with mixer
  • – Evaporator with vapour injectors
  • – Pump with injectors for liquid fuel injection

For a short overview of these systems including their individual advantages and disadvantages click here: LPG systems.

WINGMATE can assist in comparisons between several fuelling system layouts ensuring the best layout from the start of the project.

For example, for vapour and liquid injection LPG systems, the injector (including the injector driver!) is a crucial part of the system. Our expertise is exactly in this area and we assist the developer to make the right choices early in the program.

A successful liquid injection system installation relies heavily on a well engineered heat balance, limiting the heat going into the fuel tank: this to overcome the well known problem of the tank warming up to the stage where refuelling is impossible. WINGMATE carries out simulations using the data supplied by the customer to advise where modifications should be introduced. We can also provide a detailed test plan to collect the necessary data for the calculations.

Advice from professionals who have been there can often be a crucial contribution. When done from the early stages in a development program, it can avoid falling into common pitfalls, such as:

  • – Bad idle quality due to incorrect injector and injector driver choice
  • – Hot restart and refuelling problems

There is certainly no need to re-invent the wheel over and over again. We have been there many times and our knowledge will help your program to come to the best solution quickly.

Hybrid Technology

Fuel economy is increasingly important in automotive developments and one way to achieve low fuel consumption is by means of a hybrid vehicle. WINGMATE has experience in the hybrid area – from strong hybrids to relatively simple stop/start systems.

BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) engine
For example, the 12 Volt BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) system demonstrates how the mildest form of a hybrid, a stop/start system with a belt starter, can give 4.2% gain in fuel economy. In this project a starter/generator was added to a production engine including the electronics. This program was achieved in under a year and resulted in a presentation at the SAE world congress.
Download the abstract here SAE paper 2004-01-0569 abstract
Buy the paper online at SAE paper 2004-01-0569

For a typical project like this, WINGMATE can either take on the complete development program including project management or advice on specific areas, such as, requirements of the electric machine including power electronics, or control strategies to optimise fuel economy.

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