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CAN Data Logger

WINGMATE’s CAN logger is a simple yet powerful data and tracking device. It’s the perfect tool to monitor any engine or vehicle, in particular hybrid and electric cars.

WINGMATE CAN Data LoggerEach Data Logger is setup to solve your specific data recording requirements with GPS data and up to 14 custom CAN parameters. For example for electric vehicles it can log power, battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature and state of charge.

In addition the unit can be setup to log an RS232 data string and up to six analog inputs, providing you with a range of options to collect data from different sources.

When a trip is completed, simply load the SD card from the WINGMATE unit into a PC to review and analyse the data.

The CAN logger is easy to install. It only requires a 12 Volt power point and a connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus.


  • – logging data from CAN bus, RS232 and external sensors
  • – Google earth export utility
  • – all data time stamped
  • – data recorded directly onto an SD card
  • – GPS position and speed recorded from in-built sensors


Google Earth Overlay

Google earth Overlay and Sensor Traces

The CAN logger comes with an export utility to overlay your data onto Google earth. This utility is designed to show exactly where the vehicle has been. It can also generate a report with typical trip quality indicators. This report will give you a quick overview of the vehicle performance during the trip.

For example, for electric vehicles the report can contain the battery’s state of charge at the beginning and at the end of the trip and the  maximum power used by the electric machine.

This screen capture shows how the WINGMATE export utility can overlay trip data onto Google earth. This can also include a trip report.

Sensor Traces

Google earth Overlay and Sensor Traces

Data can easily be imported in programs such as MS Excel to analyse the traces of the logged data in detail.

Data Analysis Service

To get the most information out of your collected data, we offer a comprehensive data analysis service.




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