WheezyTech’s Flexible Control System is already set up for a variety of control systems, ranging from fire fighting applications to automated mowing and the list is still growing.
Each application uses either a single module or any combination of the ECU, the touch display, the data logger and a modem.
New applications can be based on existing systems or build from the basic modules with functionality made to measure.

Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

  • SMS service for remote starting
  • Touch display used as service engineer tool
  • Choke valve control for consistent enginefirepack starts

Fire Pump Sets

  • Automated engine test cycle
  • SMS service with fault reporting
  • Integrated touch display
  • Integrated data logger
  • NFPA approved,
  • EN12845 compliance pending

Gen Sets

  • SMS service with fault reporting
  • Integrated touch display
  • Three phase voltage and frequency measurements
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Optional data logger



  • ECU standalone application
  • Joystick input and 6 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) outputs to control hydraulic mowing arm
  • Automatic ground contour following control strategy
  • Automatic pressure control providing constant mowing pressure
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