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W-Squared Advanced Combustion Controller


WINGMATE is proud to announce the release of the W-Squared Controller.

Emission regulations for internal combustion engines are continuously getting more stringent. To develop cleaner technologies, control strategies need to be able to adjust parameters per cylinder cycle. This gives a far greater accuracy in injection and timing, eventually resulting in fewer emissions. These advanced controls require complicated calculations to be processed in between two and even during cylinder combustion events. At a typical engine speed of 3000 RPM this leaves only 20 msec.

The new W-Squared Advanced Combustion Controller is developed with these most demanding applications in mind and is particularly suited to run cleaner engine technologies.

The W-Squared Controller provides the calculation power normally only seen in bulky laboratory equipment, integrated in one automotive grade unit with a CAN communication module and additional in- and outputs. The FPGA based calculation module can perform at least 100 multiplications in parallel at 200 MHz. This allows for implementation of models and virtual sensors, like heat release or emission sensors, to create new approaches to reduce emissions. These models can be implemented in the Controller directly from a Simulink model and will run in real time.

Funding provided by the Victorian government under the Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program” enabled WINGMATE to involve Arrayware Pty Ltd, specialised in FPGA design, to assist in the development of this ground breaking calculation module.

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